Javas, Longtailed, Crab-eating Macaques
are the smaller of the macaques with females weighing 10lbs-13lbs and about 20" in height. Males are around 18lbs-20lbs and 25" in height. Their tails are about as long as their body length. Javas' hair coloring varies from gray or dark brown to reddish or yellow when they are adults. Babies are born black. Their native land is Southern Indochina, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, and Nicobar Islands in India. Javas are also known as Crab eating Macaques because in the wild, they will go to creeks to find crabs and crack their shells on rocks. Javas are usually less dominating than other macaques. They have a 35-year life span.


  Rhesus macaques
are reddish brown with short slick-backed hair on top of their heads. There seems to be a wide variety of weights with females ranging from 10lbs-25lbs and a height of 18"-20". Males range from 15lbs-30lbs and a height of 20"-25". Tails are medium lengths at 7"-12". Rhesus native land is Afghanistan and India to Thailand and Southern China. Rhesus have a lot of facial expressions and are considered a "tough" monkey that won't back down very easily. They tend to be stubborn and belligerent. They have a life span of approx. 29 years.
  Liontailed Macaque,
we think, is one of the most beautiful monkeys around. This endangered primate has a sleek jet-black body with a gray mane around the face. His black tail has a slight tuft of hair on the end. Babies are born brown. Females weigh around 10 lbs. and are about 18" tall. Males weigh from 15lbs-20lbs and are about 24" tall. Their native land is India where they stay mostly in the middle and upper levels of the trees. There are only around 4,000 liontails left in the world. These monkeys seem to be less aggressive than other macaques. Their life span is about 38 years.
  Celebes or Crested Black Macaque
is an endangered monkey. They are all black with a little 1" nub for a tail. They have high bony cheek ridges and long hair that forms a pointed crest on top of the head. Females weigh 13lbs-24lbs and are around 20" in height. Males weigh 20lbs-35lbs and are around 20"-22" in height. Their native land is Sulawesi in Indonesia. Celebes were once misnamed the "Celebes Black Ape". These monkeys are very smart and hard to fool. Their life span is about 20 years.
  Tonkean Macaque
is a subspecies of the Celebes. They are dark brown to black with gray cheeks, underarms, and rear ends. Females weigh about 18lbs and are 19"-22" in height. Males weigh about 23lbs and are 22"-26" in height. They have tiny tails only about an inch or two. These macaques have no formal hierarchy and are very social. They seem to get along better with each other than most other macaques. These are another of our most beautiful monkeys and have pretty good temperament although all monkeys are aggressive. Their native land is Sulawesi in Indonesia.
  Pigtailed Macaques
have different shades of brown that varies from blond to dark brown. The hairs on the head form a U-shaped whorl of erect hairs. The tail is about 5"-9" and slender with barely any hair on it. Their eyelids are light colored and sometimes very light blue. Females weigh from 12lbs-20lbs and have an 18"-22" height. Males will range 18lbs-30lbs and be 19"-22" in height. Pigtails come from Burma to Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. Pigtails have a unique facial gesture called a pucker, which has several meanings ranging from playfulness to aggressiveness. They are very smart and even show affection by kissing. Pigtails are trained in their native land to harvest ripe coconuts on plantations. Pigtails lifespan is about 26 years.